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Music Tattoos

music tattoos

Music Tattoos

Anyone with a pair of working ears knows that a good rhythm reaches the heart better than visual art. Music influences our emotions—with somber tunes causing a bit of wistfulness or with peppy pop music picking up our spirits. The visual comfort of music-based simulations and the vibration of loud music through our bones makes it something we feel on many different levels of our senses. By inscribing yourself with a music tattoo, you carry a permanent connection to this amazing language of sound. Today, let’s check out this gallery of amazing music tattoos and talk about their meanings!


Music Note Tattoos Meaning

Music tattoo designs use the G clef (also called the treble clef) as their subject most often. The symbol represents a very, very stylized G. It assigns the location of the G note on the scale. Similar clefs include the Alto/Tenor clefs, Bass clefs, and Octave clef. Music note star tattoos combine the whimsical experience of music with the radiance of the stars. Of course, it may also reference ‘pop stars.’ Incorporating a music note heart tattoo means that you love music with all your heart. Music tattoo ideas for guys look about the same as girl tattoos, since music notes represent music, not anything intrinsically ‘girly.’


Music Note Tattoo Designs

Music tattoos on the wrist show everyone your love for music immediately. Small music tattoos like tiny music notes, little treble clefs, and song notation all contribute to both a visual and musical testament. Clever musicians may even recognize the notes of your song and ask you about it! For an alternative way of depicting music, using references to digital music looks unique and creative. A sound waveform captures a fleeting moment of the song (or even simply words), while also resembling a mountain. Controls for music players (both digital and analogue) show how you perceive life—as a song that plays out.


Music Tattoo Sleeve

Small music tattoos for guys and girls look great, but what about sleeves? Music note tattoos that wrap around the arm allow for greater detail. An entire song wraps around an arm, if you opt for music notation. However, music notes and their song sometimes give way to the actual singers. That is to say, instruments! Or literal singers. Take your pick. Huge guitars, microphones, violins, piano keys, and more all fill up music-themed half sleeve tattoos. A single stylized instrument also works for music tattoos on the forearm.


Beautiful Music Tattoos

Music note tattoos behind the ear show that you constantly listen for the tune of the world around you. Tattoos of music notes and symbols all depict wonderful sights and sounds to the people around you. Many people take for granted the amazing world we live in, sticking to their phones and tablets instead of experiencing their lives. On the other hand, music overcomes many of our senses. With vision, touch, and hearing all covered, you connect your life to the great intricacies of the world through music tattoos!

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Space Tattoos

space tattoos

Universally Beautiful Space Tattoos

In this vast universe of wonder and mystery, space captures the imagination of many. I include myself among them, and I’m incredibly excited to combine that with tattoos today! I go over many different ideas for space tattoos, subjects of space tattoos, styles for space tattoos…really, just everything space tattoos. When we look up at night and see the huge sky of twinkling stars, we feel small in this endless universe. However, a space tattoo connects us to the cosmos, and helps us feel at home in this web of infinite galaxies.


Space Tattoo Ideas

Narrowing the huge amount of space objects to depict in your tattoo proves difficult, especially for space lovers! The solar system works spectacularly to show off your connection to the worlds around us. Serene comets, dusty galaxies, and colorful nebula all show others your love for space in an instant. Throw in some astronauts, space shuttles, or rockets for added effect. What does space inspire in you? Then, capture that emotion in the design.


Simple Space Tattoos

Even minimalist space tattoos look spectacular. Solar system tattoos drawn in the old astronomer star chart style show a connection to both space and history. Black and white tattoos of the solar system also remain recognizable—especially with little details like Jupiter’s stripes or Saturn’s rings. Combining them with geometric patterns, artists put a little traditional tattoo work into space tattoos. Black and white also works wonders for space-themed doodles.

For simple space tattoos, skip the flowery clouds and twirling galaxies. Instead, pick a subject, and only show that subject. Seeing as math and astronomy fields intertwine constantly, consider showing a bit of the science behind your subjects. The circles of an orbiting planet, its movement and connection to close bodies, and its relation to the stars all for distinct shapes that really bring out the lines of your tattoo.


Colorful Space Tattoo Sleeve

No matter your idea for a space tattoo, finding an artist remains your top priority. Every artist in the world uses a different style for space. Some make it realistic, with beautiful swatches of nebula clouds. Others use line work and pretty designs that resemble something from a fairy tale book. Still others throw in vibrant colors and exaggerate the appearance of planets—especially Neo-traditional artists. All of them look awesome, but obviously, you need to seek out the one that matches you most. Honestly, it’s hard to go wrong with space tattoos… Although, to be honest, I might be a little biased.


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The Universe of Space Tattoos

I struggle to find the right words to describe the wonders of space, and so do cultures around the world. In Navajo language, hózhóni describes the feeling of living in a sacred and beautiful world. On the other hand, in English, occhiolism describes the feeling of realizing your epic story and tale makes up but a drop on the Earth, and even less in the ocean of the universe. Perhaps the closest word to experiencing the night sky, the Japanese use the word ‘yugen’—to consider the incredible universe around you and feel great emotion. The space tattoos you wear capture the essence of your wonderful epiphanies.

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Armband Tattoo

Armband Tattoo

Armband Tattoo

Armband tattoos, armlet tattoos, and bracelet tattoos serve to immortalize something we would wear on us all the time. On top of that, armband tattoos take on more creative shapes and forms than a designer could ever hope to work with. Your tattoo never falls off, gets lost, breaks, or wears down. For millennia, people used—and continue to use—bracelets to serve their spiritual or personal needs. Jewelry with different figures, material, and colors all imparted different meanings. When those forms of communication transfer over into ink, the amount of meaning combinations grows exponentially! Today, let’s look at the meaning behind some common armband tattoos. Along with that, check out this sweet gallery of the most amazing armband tattoos!


Armband Tattoo Meaning

Hawaiian tribal armband tattoos and Celtic knot armband tattoos make up the majority of these art pieces. Many people tell you that they vaguely mean strength or luck, but the meaning goes much deeper than that. Usually, the symbols and designs contained in a tattoo show you the direct purpose behind it. Polynesian tribal armband tattoos, for example, contain triangles that represent various fish teeth. The type of fish changes the meaning from strength, to wealth, to protection, and so on.


Celtic Knot Armband Tattoos

The unending lines of Celtic knotwork represent the eternal flow of time. If you start at one part of the knot and keep going, you never reach a proper end. Similarly, the moon’s phases ebb and flow, but return to their other phases eventually. People live, and people die, but the world continues on in one long cord of time.

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Hawaiian Armband Tattoos

True Hawaiian tattoos can depict a figure, sure, but the pieces that make up the whole contain much more meaning. Many people dismiss the vague triangles and lines of a traditional Hawaiian armband as bland and stereotypical, but each one shows someone’s individual attributes. Artists include common symbols like tiki faces, lizards, fish teeth, spearheads, waves, turtles, and more to create a custom tattoo for each person they meet.


Simple Armband Tattoos

Of course, the significance of your tattoo need not come from ancient symbols. Your tattoo represents who you are on a personal level. Forearm band tattoos for guys and girls both show off the intimate side of their wearer. On top of that, armband tattoos sometimes extend much farther and in more creative shapes than their physical counterparts. As a result, mountain ridges, foggy forests, and even simple floral patterns make great armband tattoos.

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No matter what sort of design you choose for yourself, use this band as a reminder of who you really are. Its placement on your arm keeps your tattoo in—well—arm’s reach. In other words, looking at it during your normal activities proves easy. As you go through your day, give it a glimpse or a light touch and think of the story behind it. Think about what this tattoo says about you, and if you live up to those expectations or by that creed. If nothing else, checking out a little bit of art helps you go through the day stronger and better than before!


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Rosary Tattoos

Rosary Tattoos

The rosaries serve an incredibly spiritual purpose to Catholics and like-minded people around the world. It aids in daily prayer and long-term devotion. Each bead contains its own special meaning, with prayers to match! In order to keep their spiritual assistant on hand—literally—many Catholics choose to tattoo their beads onto their hand. The huge number of rosary designs mixes things up and makes each tattoo unique. In fact, their tattoos represent their personal journey with Christ! Today, let’s talk about the wonderful world of rosary tattoos—complete with a rosary tattoo gallery!


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Rosary Tattoo Meaning

A rosary aids in the spiritual act of prayer, especial for Catholics. The stones themselves represent different parts of the life of Christ and his mother Mary, two obviously major figures in Catholicism. Each stone contains its own mystery and certain days of the week as well as prayers match the beads. The Joyful Mysteries represent the birth of Christ and his childhood. The Luminous Mysteries represent the transfiguration of Christ into a religious figure. The Sorrowful Mysteries show the pain that Christ went through. Lastly, the Glorious Mysteries represent the resurrection and presence of the Lord.


The rosary acts as a physical connection to prayer and Catholics keep it nearby or in their places of worship. Rosary tattoos serve the same function as rosaries, but they permanently remind their bearer each day to pray. Rosary tattoos with names honor the person inscribed and remind the wearer to pray for them specifically each day. Alternatively, an artist placed the name before the rosary, and it happens to juxtapose the newer tattoo.


Rosary Tattoos on Arms

People wear rosaries while they close their hands in prayer. Naturally, a rosary tattoo on wrist makes the most sense! Along with that, rosary bed tattoos around the forearm and rosary tattoos on the hand all imitate their physical counterparts. Keeping your rosary close to you at all times ensures your ability to focus and pray anywhere, at any time. Plus, the image of a rosary tattoo around the wrist looks beautiful.


Rosary Tattoo Designs

Of course, rosaries occupy other places at other times. Not every tattoo needs to go on your hands! A rosary tattoo on your chest imitates how you would wear it in your day-to-day life. Rosary tattoos on your ankle serve as a good substitute location—especially if your wrists already wear another tattoo. Both of these places conceal your tattoo more, which works great when your workplace discourages religious symbols. Alternatively, these private places ensure that your rosary only forms a connection between you and God—with no one in between!


In the end, rosary tattoos serve as an assistant to remind you of prayer every day. While many people set a precise time of the day to pray, the helpful reminder protects you from forgetfulness. The Bible remains the first and foremost source of information. After that, the instructions of the church guide you down a path of righteousness. Last of all sits your sacred rosary tattoo—and this prayer tools sticks with you wherever the Lord may take you.

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