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Joker Tattoo


Joker Tattoo

The transformation of a wild card in a deck of playing cards to a homicidal criminal haunting the streets of Gotham carries plenty of ancient and modern meaning. When you wear a Joker Tattoo, you tell an ages-old story about taking the world in stride. In today’s article, let’s talk about the tale of the Joker—the old playing card, the classic comic figure that rivals Batman, and the tattooed character in Suicide Squad. Each type of Joker tattoo takes a different spin on the meaning of humanity that we will see today. Prepare yourself for a gallery filled with Joker Tattoos, all collected to awe and inspire you!





Joker Tattoo Meaning

Card manufacturing companies started including the Joker in their decks in the late 1800s, but the card itself existed before then in the form of two tarot cards. The first and most obvious correlation, the Fool tarot card, represents the essence of life’s journey. The Fool plays exactly like the Joker in tarot card games.






The Joker’s other tarot association, the Magician, represents talent, capability, and dexterity. The Magician bridges the gap between heaven and earth, and this trait carries over to the Joker we know today. A simple Joker tattoo design can have the letter J, a five-pronged star, or a star in a circle to represent its meaning. Another good Joker tattoo design, the jester himself, looks more easily recognizable.





Joker Tattoo Comic

The Joker character in the comic series Batman (and its many spin-offs) represents the opposite of Batman. Together, they form a foil. Despite his role as the main character, Batman comes off as unrelatable. The death of his parents might seem tragic, but Bruce Wayne himself has immense wealth, a large company to tend to, and a paper-thin sense of ethics. On the other hand, the Joker served his country, wears the scar of his past on his face, sends clear messages, and wields a solid (if also very psychotic) sense of ethics. If Batman is the hero, the Joker is the anti-hero. That’s someone relatable who we all understand, even if we don’t agree with him.




We glamorize the Joker and get tattoos of him because we are no stranger to cynicism. The Joker represents the negative part of the human race. Just like inked demon wings or painful quotes, a Joker tattoo reminds us that nobody’s perfect.



Suicide Squad Joker Tattoo

Comic-wise, the Joker does have a tattoo—a large red dragon on his back. For the Suicide Squad, the designers took liberties with the original Joker design and made him appear more modern and gangster-like. The metal grill, plethora of tattoos, and more human makeup direction accomplish that, though some might find him a little too bland now. To practice for the film, Jared Leto spent time with psychopaths and reading up on shamanism. His on-point line delivery impacts watchers like us and inspires us. That’s where a Joker tattoo comes in.




The Joker wears many recognizable and poignant tattoos that depict his past. A Joker tattoo hand has a mouth over the skin, and lifting it to your face makes you appear to smile no matter what expression you have. The iconic Joker hahaha tattoo blends modern art with typography, and the simple meaning is that he’s the Man Who Laughs. Inked on his right arm, a robin with an arrow through it tells a clear story that any Batman fan would know. His other tattoos reference either his luck—with plenty of card-related designs—or himself. Jesters with hammers, huge smiles, or simply ‘God’s Only Child,’ show his twisted sense of self.




A Joker tattoo is more than a homage to the comics and movies, though. They show the dark side of you—the dark side that’s in all of us—and your ability to control it. Many people go through their lives thinking they are practically angels. We know the truth. Without the law, instinct can rule us. Do we let our needs and desires take over in an emergency? Or do we stick to our guns and try to live as righteously and morally as possible?




A Joker tattoo reminds you every day of the choice we make as human beings. It tells us that while there is darkness inside of every heart, there is a choice to be wise as well. Whether you embrace your darkness or seek to smother it, it exists. Good and evil are not black and white, but shades of gray, and how you choose to make things clear is up to you.



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Koi Tattoo


Koi Tattoo

When I worked as a letterbrush artist, ‘koi’ seemed to be a foreign word to people. When I asked them if I should include ‘koi,’ in their art, they would give me a deer-in-the-headlights look. That’s why I say ‘koi fish’ now—adding fish at the end suddenly brings up the correct species of fish! That said, I use ‘koi’ and ‘koi fish’ interchangeably in this article—feel free to call it however you want yourself. Oh, and did I mention? Today we’re talking all about koi tattoos for men and women. This gallery is full of koi fish designs galore, and you’ll find everything from a small koi fish tattoo to a huge koi fish sleeve panorama.






Koi Tattoo Meaning

What does a koi fish symbolize? The symbolism of koi fish changes wildly depending on what continent you’re on. Undoubtedly, their popularity as a tattoo design started in Japan and spread from there, but the fish gained unique meanings as its popularity spread. Their meaning ties in with their color, so let’s start with koi fish color meaning.






The black koi fish tattoo means overcoming an obstacle, whether that’s become an astronaut, beating a drug addiction, or coming out of a divorce unscathed. A red koi fish spiritual meaning is one of passion or love. They also represent bravery and raw power. Yellow koi represent wealth, luck, and prosperity. They even have their own name in Japanese—yamabuki. A black koi and a white koi swimming together represent yin- yang, harmony, or balance. The colors are also associated with members of a family—black for a father, red or orange for a mother, red or pink for a daughter, and blue and white for a son.





Dragon Koi Fish

Dragon koi tattoo meaning plays out a little differently. You see, an old legend speaks of a group of koi swimming up the river to spawn. Like trout, they jumped out of the water as they swam through the rapids, but a huge waterfall stopped most of them in their tracks. A single koi managed to scale the waterfall after a hundred years—and that koi became a dragon. Artists depict these fish as they transform from fish to dragon. The head looks like a dragon, but the body looks like a fish!






Koi Fish Tattoo Sleeve

Whether a koi fish tattoo half sleeve or full sleeve, these fish make for awesome tattoos. Combining them with lotus flowers, waves, waterfalls, and dragons adds to their meaning. A tattoo with a fish swimming up means that you are struggling with something in your life or have overcome a battle. A koi fish swimming down in your sleeve means that you no longer put up a fight—you are happy with your life and how it turned out for you.





This only scratches the surface of koi symbolism. All of these color associations, directional meanings, and legends aren’t just for visual art, but for tattoo art! Traditional Japanese tattooing goes back ages, and if you like the tale of these little fish, then you should look into traditional artists in your area. Your artist will tell you more about these beautiful fish!






If you enjoyed this article, you can also check out our in-depth feature on Japanese tattoos. From samurai to yakuza, tattoos play a big part in Japanese culture! You can also follow our Twitter or join our email list to learn about other types of tattoos. As always, thanks for reading!



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Jesus Tattoo


Jesus Tattoo

Cool Christian tattoos aren’t always angels, demons, crosses, or bible verses. Having the image of Christ inked directly to your skin is simply the best way to show your dedication and spirituality to others. It may not be as cutting-edge or artsy as other tattoo designs, but what it lacks in subtlety it gains in realism. Creating a real image of Christ to represent your real faith in God telegraphs your feelings to everyone around you. While angels and crosses can have many meanings, the image of Christ can only have one. In today’s tattoo gallery, let’s have a look at a bunch of Jesus tattoo pictures and see what works for you!

jesus tattoo 16

jesus tattoo 17

jesus tattoo 19


jesus tattoo 3



Jesus Tattoo Designs

The best Christian tattoo ideas spark interest and curiosity for the religion. Jesus tattoo images easily grab attention and hold it, especially because of their straight-forward nature! Jesus name tattoos and Jesus fish tattoos tell the story in a more subtle way, while the image of Christ leaves a powerful impression. Small Jesus tattoo designs fit on your wrist, ankle, and neck. Because you use your hands often in everything you do, a Jesus tattoo on your wrist is the most noticeable of these small tattoos.

jesus tattoo 15

jesus tattoo 14

jesus tattoo 13

jesus tattoo 2



Jesus Cross Tattoo

Faith tattoos don’t just show a figure—they also tell a story. Jesus died on the cross for your sins, so what better moment to memorialize on your skin than the single moment he saved you? There are several different ways to depict the moment of the crucifix, and it varies depending on what denomination of Christianity you belong to. Blood leaking from the hands of Christ or nails still in his hands and feet show a reverence of the sacrifice Christ made for you. On the other hand, a Christ with scars on his hands shows that you want to spread the good news of Christ’s resurrection.

jesus tattoo 12

jesus tattoo 11

jesus tattoo 10

jesus tattoo 1



Jesus Tattoo Revelation

Religious tattoos may not strike well with your church. Everyone claims a different view on whether tattoos represent a sin or not. You must seek your own decision, but I’ll help you with some verses to start your research. What does the bible say about tattoos? In Revelation 19:16, Jesus sports the writing ‘King of Kings, and Lord of Lords,’ written on his thigh. Since this is the book of Revelation we’re talking about, it might be a form of symbolism, or it could be a literal tattoo. We just don’t know. Given that Christ went to heaven and back by this point, I imagine the laws of heaven—which vary from the laws given to you in the Bible—allowed him to get a tattoo.

jesus tattoo 9

jesus tattoo 8

jesus tattoo 7



Another possibility is that this type of tattoo is acceptable. After all, Leviticus 19:28 does not ban all tattoo practices, but only ritualistic ones. Whether a tattoo of Christ himself is ritualistic or idolatry remains up to you to decide. Personally, I find no issue with tattoos—they don’t hold any kind of magical power, and you can remove them easily with present technology if your beliefs change. A Jesus tattoo represents your own beliefs and sits like a piece of art on your body. If that art helps you spread the good word, then more power to you…and to God!



jesus tattoo 6

jesus tattoo 5

jesus tattoo 4

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